Worthington Jewelers will host Prizm magazine's inaugural A Celebration of Love & Marriage this weekend in conjunction with Camelot Cellars and Short North Piece of Cake.

In the first of a new networking series of events from Prizm magazine, the social enterprise publication from Equitas Health, is A Celebration of Love & Marriage. The LGBTQ event takes place this Sunday, Feb. 17, from 4-6 p.m. at Worthington Jewelers. There will be wine and hors d’oeuvres from Camelot Cellars, plus samples from Short North Piece of Cake. And best of all: the event is free to attend! (But you should register here so organizers know how many attendees to expect.)

We spoke with Bob Vitale, editor of Prizm (and former assistant editor at Columbus Weddings’ sister magazine, Columbus CEO), about this opportunity for couples to connect with local LGBTQ-friendly vendors.

“I wrote my letter from the editor this month, and I talked about—and I really think it’s true—that for all the debate we had and all the controversy over marriage equality, it seems like it has just become such a part of our fabric now. I’m really conscious of that as I look at wedding shows and wedding publications,” Vitale says. “I notice when there’s same-sex couples represented.”

At the same time, he adds, there is still some concern in the LGBTQ community about whether a couple will be turned away by a vendor for “religious reasons.” The Supreme Court’s June 2018 ruling in favor of a Colorado baker who denied services to a same-sex couple did little to assuage such fears; rather, it left open the question as to whether such discrimination is federally protected free speech.

“I think people in the LGBTQ community still are a little bit nervous when they are planning a wedding and looking for people to do their photography or hors d’oeuvres or cake or a venue,” Vitale says. “So to see businesses that are out there, visibly supportive and visibly welcoming same-sex couples, I think, just kind of puts people at ease.”

All three of the businesses involved with A Celebration of Love & Marriage are affirmed supporters of the LGBTQ community in Central Ohio, Vitale says, “And I think they just kind of came together as being interested in reaching out to the community.”

For more information on A Celebration of Love & Marriage, check out Prizm’s website or its Facebook event. And don’t forget to register for your tickets!