Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

We ask the couples in each issue a lot of questions: What was your favorite memory of the day? What special or personal touches were meaningful to you? What was the best gift you received? Why did you choose your first dance song?

One question, however, was a little problematic for Stephanie Marks. She wed Nathaniel Marks on Aug. 4, 2018, at Holy Cross Catholic Church.

“This a hard one!” she exclaims. “There is a really amazing picture of Nate and I in the hallway of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.” (We think there are several gorgeous photos from that scene, in fact, and have included two of them in the gallery above.)

“There is also a picture of Nate and I kissing at our table, and our reception is behind us. There is another one where we are strolling down the sidewalk; I am holding my dress, and Nate is holding a bottle of Champagne. Oh! And there is also one of us popping said bottle of Champagne. Our photographer did an amazing job,” Stephanie adds. “I love them because they are treasured moments from our special day that we can look back on forever!”

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