The local company deals with giraffes, crushes on Samantha

Root Insurance had an impressive 2018. The company raised $151 million in venture capital on the way to a billion-dollar valuation last August, just the second Columbus tech startup to become a so-called unicorn. (CoverMyMeds was the first.) In honor of its very good year, Root compiled a variety of interesting facts mined from the data collected by its app, which sets insurance rates based on driving performance. Some of these tidbits were, well, a little odd.

The company’s computer engineers produced more than 1.2 million lines of code in 2018, more lines than the entire Harry Potter series. Author J.K. Rowling is a bit of a unicorn herself, as she’s also reportedly worth a smooth $1 billion.

Speaking of billions, Root users traveled 1,592,334,143 miles last year, “enough to make it to the moon and back over 3,000 times,” the company wrote. Good luck finding a road to the moon; Elon Musk is busy building expensive tunnels now.

Montana drivers scored better at braking than people in any other state. Don’t brag too much, Montana, you have a lot more room to practice.

The most bizarre claim was from Texas, where a giraffe got its head stuck in a sunroof during a safari and then kicked a door and a hubcap. There were almost certainly thousands of weirder claims in Florida, but the company (smartly) doesn’t insure in the Sunshine State—yet.

Drivers named Samantha received the highest average scores on Root’s weekslong test drive to determine insurance rates. So don’t be surprised when General Motors rolls out its new line of self-driving Cadillac Samanthas in a few decades.