Making the most of your music selections

This story first appeared in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Columbus Weddings, published December 2018.

A spot-on music selection is essential to get your guests moving and set the mood at any wedding celebration, but some take wedding tunes to another level. Columbus brides Lindsey Casher and Christine Palmiero set a new bar for their reception soundtrack. From serenading the groom with a heartfelt ballad to breaking out the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dance moves during the father/daughter dance, surprising with song is another way to add some special sauce to your special day.

Bride: Lindsey Casher
Song: “Apache (Jump On It)” by Sugar Hill Gang
Approach: Busting out the “Jump On It” dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air with her dad
Surprised: Her father and wedding guests

How it happened: Growing up, Lindsey (a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl) loved dancing and watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with her dad. Somewhere along the way, it became the duo’s inside joke. To pay homage to her dad and her love of the show, Lindsey secretly arranged for the DJ to switch from Tom Petty’s “Wild Flowers”—their official father/daughter dance song— to the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Apache (Jump On It)” during the dance.

“While we were dancing [to Tom Petty] my dad actually said, ‘I’m surprised you didn’t pick our ‘Apache’ song for our first dance,’ ” Casher says. “I kind of chuckled and played it off like, ‘No, not for our wedding, Dad!’”

Less than three minutes later, the DJ dropped the Tom Petty song and jumped straight into “Apache.”

“He was super surprised but didn’t miss a beat,” Lindsey says of her dad. “He jumped right in … or should I say jumped right on it?”

Bride: Christine Palmiero
Song: “Feel My Love” by Adele
Approach: Vocal performance
Surprised: Her husband and wedding guests

How it happened: Music always played a major role in Christine’s romance with now-husband Brian Palmiero. Christine, a gifted vocalist, karaoke host, DJ and former frontwoman of metal band Ardor, and Brian, a classically trained pianist and drummer, originally met through mutual friends in the Columbus music scene. Though her head-banging days are behind her, she wanted to incorporate a vocal performance into her reception.

“It’s a little cheesy, but I’d always sing that Adele song to him when he’d come visit me while I was hosting a karaoke night,” she explains. “The lyrics are so raw and real.”

Though great music was a given at the couple’s nuptials, Christine wasn’t sure singing to Brian was the right move for the wedding. In fact, she was on the fence about her idea until his mother convinced her to do it.

“It wasn’t something I was set on,” Christine says. “But when I went to my mother-in-law with the idea, she really encouraged me to do it. It was amazing to have her support.”

Even as a skilled vocalist who had serenaded her groom with the Adele ballad many times, Christine wasn’t immune to the nerves on the big day.

“I couldn’t look directly at him because I knew if I did, I’d ugly-cry off all my makeup,” she says. “The emotions were high, but it was really personal and special for us.”

Even after a slightly shaky start, she wowed the crowd with her singing skills. The serenade ended up being one of the most memorable moments for the groom and their guests.

“Having a little concert in the middle of the wedding added another level of entertainment. It was fun and specific to us,” she says. “It took the experience to another level of connection. It was our special day and our special moment.”