Real newlyweds give wedding planning tips based on their experience.

Jacqueline and Corbin Ricker’s wedding took place on [date] at [location].

If you could do anything about your wedding differently, what would you change and why?    

Corbin: [I would’ve built in m]ore time for socialization.

Jacqueline: I would have chosen the earlier time for our ceremony. [Options were 1:30 or 4:30 p.m.] I feel it would have given us more time for photographs and more quality time to spend with our friends and family.

What are you happy you spent money on?        

C: A high-quality photographer.

J: Our full-time wedding planner, Ashley Stephan.

What do you think you could have done without?          

C: Nothing,

J: Everything we had in our wedding was there for a reason and added those certain magical touches.

What was your biggest surprise when planning your wedding?               

C: All of the choices available,

J: I was surprised at how much detail actually goes toward your wedding day. Ideas kept being brought up and it felt as though the planning was never-ending at times.

Did you and your fiancé get into any silly arguments?   

C: No, we worked together through the process.

J: He is a very easy-going, laid-back individual, which was so relieving throughout the process. He really trusted my instincts when it came to planning the perfect wedding.

Any dress-shopping advice?

J: Enjoy every second of it; you will find the perfect dress! It was one of the most fabulous parts about wedding planning.

What about menswear?

C: Make sure the suits are not baggy.

Do you have any general advice for couples currently planning their weddings?             

C: Relax and enjoy the process!

J: Don’t take it too seriously because at the end of it, your wedding will come together and be perfect. It is a once-in-a lifetime process. Looking back, I wish I didn’t stress about certain details throughout the wedding planning.

Do you have any general marriage advice, as a newlywed?

C: Always listen!

J: The wedding day is so, so magical. Nothing has resonated more than when people told me, “enjoy your wedding day, it goes by in the blink of an eye.” Being a newlywed is so much fun! Life will go back to normal sooner than later, so enjoy your time together as newlyweds!