As provided by The Columbus Dispatch research team for Feb. 1–Feb. 28, 2019. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.





1994 Wingate Dr., Delaware

Cassano, Matthew P., trustee, from Ribicon 22 LLC.


242 Beck St., Columbus

DAP-1966 LLC from Angell, Larry C. II & Julie A.


108 Buttles Ave., Columbus

Valentine, Julia D. & James E. from Commodore, Michael W.


60 Park Dr., Columbus

Jenks, Andrew & Kathryn from Hettinger, Thirza E., trustee


4355 Shelbourne Ln., Upper Arlington

Clifford Bronte, Christine from McCarthy, Daniel M. 
& Nicole G.


300 W. Spring St., Unit 702, Columbus

Juschka, Dirk N. from Sopp, Jeffrey H. & Valette J.


250 W. Spring St., Unit 259, Columbus

Stevens, Anthony & Betsey M. from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


9780 Riverway Run, Powell

Perez, Randy S. & Amy L. from Triffon, Mark J. & Sandra Lynn


750 S. Sixth St., Columbus

Keller, Craig A. & Emily H. from Korda, Elizabeth B., trustee


5368 Hawthornden Ct., Dublin

Boll, Jared R. & Lauren M. from Romeo, Jenna M., 
& Matthew J., trustees


373 S. Columbia Ave., Bexley

Lord, Michael R. & Renee C. from Friedman, Chad


1502 Villa Way, Powell

Mattison, Gregory R. & Ann B., trustees, from Villas at Loch Lomond LLC


2846 Exmoor Rd., Upper Arlington

Nguyen, Tuongvi V. & Thanh V. from Hiller, Robert 
& Devra M.


799 S. Third St., Columbus

Speiser, John C. & Helen from Knitter, Jonathon O.


4865 Byington Ln., New Albany

Bernard, Abigail E. & Schwamburger, C. Adam from Loconto, Peter & Carolyn


8483 Torwoodlee Ct., Dublin

Nockowitz, Richard A. from Jones, Danny E. & Belinda M.


5421 Berwanger Dr., Powell

Harris, Jason R. & Tiffany F. from Elley, Michael E. 
& Angela L.


1670 Lane Ave., Upper Arlington

Lane Avenue Commercial Holdings LLC from Shera, Phillip W., & Yolanda A., trustees


7160 Pleasant Colony Cir., Blacklick

Matheny, Shane M. & Karen L. from Koval, John S. 
& Lilli M.


6380 Braymoore Dr., Galena

Confere, Edward & Deborah from McNay, Timothy D. & Sharon C.


5525 Ashford Rd., Dublin

Haugland, Morten & Kristine D. from Russell, Edward J. & Shirley J.


10255 Slough Rd. NW, 
Canal Winchester

Miller, Jeffrey S. from Lumannick, Allan G.


250 Daniel Burnham Sq., 
Unit 254, Columbus

Shaheen, James J. from Krueger, Cheryl L.


3214 River Highlands Way, Columbus

Weitzman, Deborah L. & Cabre, Gilberto L. from Bouman, Lawrence J., trustee


10670 Honeysuckle Way, Plain City

Berkman, Michael & Leah from Dublin Manor LLC