As provided by The Columbus Dispatch research team for March 1–March 31, 2019. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.





1981 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Clark, That There is an RV LLC from Saunders, Alexee Allen, trustee


4721 Yantis Dr., New Albany

Mehas, Carol & John from Kelly, Mark & McDonald, Margaret


3950 Ebrington Rd., New Albany

3JS Real Estate Holding Co. LLC from Tuckerman Development Co.


2800 S. Dorchester Rd., 
Upper Arlington

Shaikhouni, Ammar & Clements, Aine E. from 2800 S. Dorchester LLC


11487 Trenton Rd., Galena

Ninetales LLC from Klaus, Andrew S. & Cindy M.


4788 Shire Ridge Rd. E., Hilliard

Kunz, Matthew D. & Ruen, Ashley L. from Geiss, Howard E.


8008 Wingate Pl., Delaware

Inkrott, Brian & Kendall from Polsdorfer, Wesley D. 
& Dawn K.


3134 Derby Rd., Upper Arlington

Durakovic, Samantha Ruby, trustee, from Compass Homes Inc.


7690 Sutton Pl., New Albany

Sturgeon, Carl E. & Rose, Robin L., trustees, from Budzik, Ronald F. Jr. & Arnett, Amy M.


1558 Roxbury Rd., Marble Cliff

Crosby, Mark M. & Antoinette N. from Deungria, Maria Theresa


624 Greenwich St., Worthington

McCarthy, Timothy P. & Natalie T. M. from Bob Webb Lewis Center LLC


9404 Wilbrook Dr., Powell

Lindsey, John Scot & Lisa K. from 3 Pillar Homes LLC


250 W. Spring St., Unit 811, Columbus

Bansal, Girraj K. & Veena from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


6230 Harlem Rd., Columbus

Murray-Durbin, Susan C. & Durbin, William A. from Langdale, Paige E.


2466 Sweet Clover Ln., Galena

Devenne, Michelle A. from Scholz, Kristen


105 N. Riverview St., Unit 715, Dublin

Lane, John & Cynthia from Dublin West C LLC


1480 Abbotsford Green Dr., Powell

Coblentz, Jacqueline, trustee, from Grinch, Alexander G. & Rebecca C.


3088 Scioto Estates Ct., Hilliard

Rigrish, Patricia H., trustee, from Rowlette, James R. Jr. & Patti S.


405 S. Merkle Rd., Bexley

Eckmann, David Matthew & Johnson-Eckmann, Elizabeth Anne from CLE


7497 Tartan Fields Dr., Dublin

Oswalt, Michael & Bertram, Mary from Hitt, Robert A. & Virginia F.


6646 Cosimo Ln. NW, Pickerington

Norris, Scott & Lisa from Hoffman, Lynda L.


236 Neruda Ave., Columbus

Motta, David M. & Hildebrand, Tana M. from 21 Jeffrey Park LLC


250 W. Spring St., Unit 315, Columbus

Parker, John Robert & Cochran, Christopher Lee from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


6960 Clivdon Mews, Columbus

Newman, Jeffrey & Lisa from Shin, Jan & Young C.


948 Jaeger St., Columbus

Blake, Dustin & Lauren from Keny, James M.