The biophilic design company was started by two lifelong lovers of all things green.

This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2019-20 issue of Columbus Monthly Home & Garden.

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to summertime blooms and lush tropical plants. But Jessie Laux and Michael Creath, life partners and owners of the design company Planthropy, encourage homeowners and apartment dwellers to keep the green growing indoors.

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Laux, a self-professed nature lover and outdoor junkie, knows the value of plants and nature firsthand. She grew up in the country building forts in the woods and playing in streams. So, four years ago, she launched a houseplant business with an online store, pop-up retail events and plant workshops to inspire customers to reconnect with nature.

Her business climbed to a new level when she partnered with Creath, a former landscape contractor, who challenged her to design larger, indoor plant walls and then, eventually, custom moss walls. They started with small, moss-covered “614” wall art, and now they have created 315-square-foot moss walls for out-of-town clients such as 3 Floyds Brewery in Munster, Indiana. Meanwhile, they continue to offer workshops and sell cleverly potted houseplant containers along with take-home care cards through their pop-up shops at local farmers markets and clothing boutiques. This fall, they plan to open a new showroom in Downtown Columbus.

“Biophilic design is super-hot right now,” says Creath, explaining the modern building design term. “It’s a way of reconnecting people with nature, especially bringing the outdoors inside.” Creath and Laux are definite believers in the power of biophilic design as they urge others to bring green into their home and workspaces.