Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

The Falters were wed on Sept. 15, 2018, at a family member’s home.

Cy and Renee Falter have plenty in common, but there’s at least one point they disagree on: their favorite wedding-day photo.

Cy has “too many favorites to choose,” he says. “We got married on my aunt’s farm, which is beautiful, and then had our reception at my family’s business. We got so many cool and unique photos,” so choosing just one can be challenging.

Not so for Renee.

She loves the photos taken on the roof of Herman Falter Packing Co. on the South Side, where the two celebrated their marriage with a small gathering of family and friends.

“[The photos] remind me of all the hard work we put into cleaning up our unique reception hall at the meatpacking plant,” she says. Family and friends helped them prep the space, which Renee says took more work than anticipated. Still, it was worth it in the end.

“I love Falters and am proud to be part of such a wonderful family that has deep roots in Columbus,” Renee says.

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