As provided by The Columbus Dispatch researcher Julie Fulton. Statistics for June 1–June 30, 2019 were gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.





2227 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Straka, Daniel G. & Brittany T. from Thorson, Kelley K. 
& James R. Jr.


7648 Silver Lake Ct., Westerville

Wright, Robert D. & Stacy L. from Slane, Eleanor O. 
& Julie A.


4191 Clairmont Rd., Upper Arlington

Hecker, Dennis A. & Cathy L. from Whalen, Nicholas E. & Amelia C.


4000 Old Poste Rd., Hilliard

Weprin, Michael & Karen from Weisel, Laura


351 S. Columbia Ave., Bexley

Ferrel, Jason Robert & Joanna Marie from Presper, Catharine M. & David J.


7217 Biddick, New Albany

Constantine, Nadine & Maged from Shumavon, Gregory J. & Tricia


2245 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Sickmeyer, John T. & Janine R. from Wrightsel, Heather L.


7931 Old Oak Ln., Dublin

Studer, Mark A., trustee, from Westenskow, Rachelle


10371 Forest Glen Pl., Powell

Sun, Shaoli & Li, Zihai, trustees, from Millard, Gary M. 
& Elizabeth S.


137 Green Hollow Dr., Pataskala

Rajaie, Lisa & Sepehr from Dunn, Jason E.


4381 Antmon Round, New Albany

Peters, Jeffrey H. from Eagles Nest LLC


4948 Rosalind Ln., Powell

Raval, Raju R. & Sheetal S. from Scott, John P. & Kathy J.


434 N. Columbia Ave., Bexley

Palese, Alexander & Haley from Zox, William P. & Jeannie B.


639 Laurel Ridge Dr., Gahanna

Willard, Zachary Daniel from Adam, Sandra Lambert, trustee


3954 Baughman Grant, New Albany

Bogert, Michael J. & Elizabeth A. from Burgdoerfer, Delaney A., trustee


2644 Haverford Rd., Upper Arlington

McEvoy, Shawna E. & Sean M. from Henry, George L. 
& Elizabeth P.


250 W. Spring St., Unit 911, Columbus

Price, Gary & Curzon, Mary Ellen from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


10577 Wellington Blvd., Powell

Smith, Scott E. from Miller, Michael D. & Sondra L.


2 Wiveliscombe, New Albany

Golden, Angela & Matthew from AFNS LLC


8776 Tartan Fields Dr., Dublin

Kirk, Adam E. & Teri J. from Miggo, Steven H. 
& Katherine A.


7300 Bridlespur Ln., Delaware

Coyle, Patrick Jr. & Alyssa from Kraft, Daniel D. & Cathy J.


7503 Ogden Woods Blvd., New Albany

Roth, Kinder R. & James V. from Welch, Matthew E. 
& Brittany L.


1990 Chatfield Rd., Upper Arlington

Lukens, Todd Daniel & Tamara from Doub, David N. 
& Lou Ann


107 N. Sixth St., Columbus

Shaw, Daniel & Alicia from Gay Street Mews LLC


250 W. Spring St., Unit 915, Columbus

Doty, Stephen Edward & Margaret Tobi from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


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