The honeymoon: time to relax and revel in the fact that all your planning has paid off. But before you can do that, you have to plan the trip itself. To give you ideas, we asked couples featured in this issue where they went and why they chose it. Many couples said they chose a place that neither person had been to before; others had longer stories to share.

This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Columbus Weddings, published June 2019.

“We made deciding our honeymoon a game! On three separate pieces of paper, we each wrote down three places that we wanted to go. We placed them face-down on the floor. I balled up a seventh piece of paper and had Kayla toss it toward the six pieces on the floor. Whichever piece of paper the ball landed on was where we were going for our honeymoon.” —Aaron Childs

“After a few unsuccessful attempts, our paper wad finally landed on Las Vegas. We booked our trip that night!” —Kayla Childs

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“We decided on Hawaii, as we wanted a balance of relaxation and adventure within the U.S. We also chose to delay our honeymoon by three months ... I would definitely recommend to consider delaying your honeymoon—it gives you time to establish yourself as a married couple, and then you have something to look forward to after all the excitement of the wedding is past!” —Polly (and Brent) Carlson

“We went to Niagara Falls (Canadian side). We got engaged at Snoqualmie Falls in Washington, so we thought it would be a fun tradition to go to a different waterfall every anniversary.” —Brittney (and Alex) Haas

“We rented an RV so we could bring our Rottweiler and Great Pyrenees with us on our honeymoon. When we woke up each day, we decided which direction we wanted to go and picked a park located in that direction. It was so fun and stress-free!” —Maria (and Heath) Donohue

“We wanted to go somewhere fun, where we could have an experience. Disney World has always been Brittney’s favorite place to travel since she was a child, and I had never been. … Brittney wanted to share this experience with me, so we decided to make that our honeymoon spot.” —Jameson (and Brittney) Thompson

“We wanted to travel somewhere neither of us had ever been. Beaches are wonderful, but we both love an adventure. And who can resist the rolling green hills of Ireland?” —Joy (and Tom) Russel

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted to go to Europe, specifically focusing on the Mediterranean, because it would be in October, and we wanted the weather to still be warm. We ended up choosing Croatia and Greece because those were places neither of us had been to and places that we probably wouldn’t go to for just a normal vacation.” —Amy (and Justin) Waugh