Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

Haley and Landon Slater were wed on Sept. 9, 2018, at a family member’s home.

Once in a great while, a newlywed essentially gives us permission to choose our favorite photos from among their favorites—because their favorites are all of them. Such is the case in today’s feature, and we couldn’t be more excited to share some of these picks.

“Honestly, I fell in love with them all! … I love the intimate mood captured in each photo. From the tones to the angles—nothing was staged, and I think that shows,” says Haley Slater. “We really aren’t ‘stand there and smile’ people, and we loved that our photographers helped us get into positions that were comfortable and real.”

So we invite you to scroll through some of our most-loved selections from Haley and Landon’s wedding, knowing that whichever shot you’re looking at, odds are, it’s one of Haley’s absolute favorites, too.

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