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A wedding is traditionally a one-day, monumental occasion to celebrate the beginning of a marriage. This special life event often takes months, if not years, to plan. However, planning and preparation should not be limited to venue, cake and flowers; in addition, everyone wants to look their best. The perfect dress, hair and makeup are good, but looking your very best begins with feeling good. Overall wellness, healthy, glowing skin and overall body confidence are keys to looking and feeling beautiful.

Along with a healthy lifestyle, seeing a trusted plastic surgeon to address cosmetic concerns and/or to adopt an effective, long-term treatment plan is a game-changer. Similar to approaching a new exercise routine, looking your best requires professional guidance, time and commitment to ensure optimal results that will last.

A board-certified plastic surgeon has focused training in surgery and cosmetic treatments for the face, breast and body. Finding a trusted plastic surgeon to provide knowledgeable advice, effective cosmetic treatments and maintenance is a long-term investment in the ongoing pursuit of overall wellness.

Dr. Christopher Zochowski is a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon with passion for the art of plastic surgery. He has a keen interest in staying on the cutting edge of technology and techniques to provide the most effective surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. Dr. Zochowski and his team are committed to developing relationships with people to enhance care and provide an exceptional patient experience.

Dr. Zochowski’s new, state-of-the-art office facility offers a wide range of effective cosmetic treatment options that are minimally invasive, with minimal recovery, but provide remarkable benefits. For example:

Radio-frequency microneedling provides multilevel benefits for the skin, including smoothing acne scars Laser liposuction for effective fat reduction Forever Young BBL to remove brown spots and rejuvenate skin cells with light energy Fat grafting to restore lost volume or enhance face and lips Laser resurfacing to smooth skin tone and texture Laser hair removal CoolSculpting Injectables like Botox, Restylane and much more

In addition to these minimally invasive options, Dr. Zochowski specializes in surgical enhancement, restoration, reduction and reconstruction of the breast, body and face.

Visit Zochowski Plastic Surgery to learn more about custom treatment packages for every member of the wedding party.