As provided by The Columbus Dispatch researcher Julie Fulton for Sept. 1–Sept. 30, 2019. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.





6980 Corazon Dr., Dublin

Everhart, Richard S. & Darbie L. from Cohen, Brian S.
& Kerri N.


309 N. Parkview Ave., Bexley

Doerr-Robinson, Jane P. & Robinson, Timothy C. from Kass, David E.


1271 Camelot Ct., Upper Arlington

Schreiber, Andrew H. & Sarah Simmons from Lee, Jar-Wha & Yu, Ching-Hung


1799 Woodland Hall Dr., Delaware

Busic, Thomas James Jr. from Byers, Benjamin J., trustee


9 Edge of Woods St., New Albany

Baxter, Timothy G. & Shannon from Wolman, Janice F., trustee


1027 City Park Ave., Columbus

Shah, Deepa & Noland, Seth from Vollmer, Val George & Smith, Kevin J.


7239 Waterston, New Albany

Ryan, Stacey Beth & Daniel from Solomon, Samie A.
& Sharon Lovett


403 Sycamore St., Columbus

James, Matthew from Pesicka, Jack & Natasha


7640 Bellaire Ave., Dublin

Pannu, Rajmony S. & Sonal R. from Popovics, Peter J.
& Aberman Popovics, Sharon K.


4200 Dublin Rd., Hilliard

Music, Sean & Coleman-Music, Emily Kentris from Hall, Carol K., trustee


209 S. Columbia Ave., Bexley

McCloskey, Jeffrey M. & Jennifer B. from Burns, David L. & Linda C.


7712 Charlotte Hull Ct., New Albany

Sirak, John H. & Bridget R. from Koerner, Matthew S.
& Heather J.


5300 Lynbrook Ln., Westerville

Good, James Daniel & Sadler, Douglas S. from Hughes, Brad D.


2167 Fairfax Rd., Upper Arlington

Mallory, Thomas H. Jr., trustee, from Barker, Samantha J. & Joel D.


687 Whispering Woods, Powell

Ahmed, Zulfiqar & Fessehaye, Sosna G. from Kropczynski, John J. Jr. & Mary T., trustees


2170 E. Broad St., Bexley

Oostman, Kenneth Lee Jr., trustee, from Mineau, Heather & Raymond


250 W. Spring St., Unit 1014, Columbus

Scharre, Douglas W. & Meta J. from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


320 Medick Way, Worthington

McCarthy, Robert F. & Leslie E. from MacDonell, Mary E.


107 Deshler Ave., Columbus

Roddy, John & Kathryn M. from Nicewanger, William B.


250 W. Spring St., Unit 916, Columbus

Stout, Danny B. from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


4276 Brompton Ct., New Albany

Boals, Jeffrey D. & Katharine V. from Anthony, Dana L.
& MacKenzie, Paul A.


4807 Aberdeen Ave., Dublin

Yang, Yiping & Huang, Xiaopei from Cannell, Steven C. & Susan A.


4635 Stockport Cir., Dublin

Albrecht, Andrew P. & Jones, Jeanette A. from Underwood, Amy L.


8546 Preston Mill Ct., Dublin

Heaphy, Theresa L., trustee, from Schwieterman, Rick J.


10678 Black Oak Dr., Plain City

Blevins, Robin & Tricia from Hughes, Samantha M.
& Bradley W.