Highlighting couples' favorite images from their wedding days

Saacha Mohammed and Spencer Matthews were wed on May 25, 2019, at The Westin Great Southern Columbus.

Saacha Mohammed’s picks, when we asked about her favorite images, were nonconventional to say the least … but her reasoning is rock-solid.

“Oddly, [some] of my favorite photos are right after the wedding, when everyone is carrying my dress through the kitchen and the bridal party is celebrating with wine,” she says. “It’s just such a great progression of shots and really shows how happy we are that the ‘performance’ is over.”

For his part, Spencer Matthews opted for a more traditional image, taken during the couple’s sangeet celebration:

“My favorite is probably of us on the rooftop at Juniper next to our floral peacock,” he says. “I love our smiles, love the skyline and love the colors.”

There’s one more shot to highlight, says Saacha. “My other favorite photo is of Spencer feeding me cake. There is so much joy in that photo, and apparently, I love cake!”

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