Win free haircare and skincare products from a new, Columbus-based beauty brand.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to record a video podcast episode with Seth and Beth Kerechanin, the husband-and-wife duo behind Seth and Beth Photography Wedding Photography. (That episode will drop in a few weeks, but in the meantime, you can catch up on their previous episodes on their YouTube channel.)

During our conversation—which I must say was delightful and definitely worth checking out when the episode drops—the Kerechanins mentioned a friend of theirs who recently launched her own line of beauty products. Angelliki Hatzifotinos owns Jekyll & Hyde Salon & Spa in Clintonville and launched her Nisla (pronounced “ny-la”) earlier this month.

“At Nisla, we believe that thoughtfully created, plant-based self-care products can improve our lives and the world around us,” Hatzifotinos says. “I want to … empower the self-confidence, tenacity of purpose, positivity and the independence within each of us, within you.”

Nisla products are vegan and cruelty-free; are composed of 88 to 95 percent organic, naturally derived ingredients, depending on the product.

“It’s important to me … to create thoughtful, personal self-care products that are plant-based,” Hatzifotinos explains. “First, it’s good for you, and second, it’s the only way we’re going to begin to scratch the surface of claiming our planet back again.” Hatzifotinos selected a production facility in Greece, where her family is from, that has strong recycling and waste-reducing policies to help support that aspect of her brand.

She chose the name after finding it in a list of ancient Mediterranean names. “Nisla is an eastern Mediterranean, ancient Arabic name, which actually was the name of an empress,” she says. “Everything I had read about her and about the meaning of the name was all about empowering yourself; empowering your self-awareness, your positivity, doing good within your community for humanity.”

After recording our podcast episode, the Kerechanins were generous enough to share a package of Nisla products for us to give away to one lucky winner, and we’re really excited about it! The package includes the brand’s Your Shampoo and Your Masque, hair care products featuring organic olive oil and honey extract; a bar of Nude soap with organic olive and coconut oils; and The Foam Cleanse and The Toner, skincare products featuring organic grape and mastiha. The plant-based products are created from natural oils, extracts and essences from the Mediterranean and provide hydrating, antioxidant and soothing benefits. Oh, and did I mention that they smell fabulous?

Entering is easy—just sign up for our Countdown Club using promo code NISLA before 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 7. Already a member, or want extra chances to win? We gotchu, fam:

And if you don’t win, never fear. Nisla products are available online and at select boutiques in Columbus, including, of course, Jekyll & Hyde.