Local wedding vendors you should know

Husband and wife duo Greg and Margaret Butler have been in the dry cleaning business for a long time; the pair founded Dublin Cleaners in 1982—though Greg’s roots go back even farther, to his father’s dry cleaning business. The pair handle wedding gown services personally—no outsourcing to contractors or even out-of-state cleaners, as some other local businesses do. We asked them to share a little more about the ways they can help brides before and after the big day.

How is dry cleaning is a family business for you?

Greg’s father founded Hudson Cleaners in 1934; in 1982, it was moved and renamed Dublin Cleaners. We now are a three-generation family business: Brian Butler, grandson of the founder of Hudson Cleaners and son of Greg and Margaret, is president and CEO of Dublin Cleaners. Greg and Margaret are actively involved in the business, primarily in wedding gown services.

We’re also involved in many community activities, such as collecting toiletries for the Dublin Food Pantry, cleaning prom dresses for Fairy Goodmothers, and supporting the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Lifecare Alliance/Meals on Wheels and the Community for New Direction.

What sets you apart from other dry cleaners in the area?

We press, clean and preserve over 800 wedding gowns each year. The Bridal Services Center is located at the plant/corporate offices at 6845 Caine Road in Columbus. We are available to the brides through phone or email, so we can help you plan the pre-wedding services and logistics as well as post-wedding cleaning and preservation.

In addition to the main Caine Road location, there are four other Dublin Cleaners neighborhood locations, plus one called New Albany Cleaners. Other than specializing in wedding gown services, Dublin and New Albany Cleaners offer free, twice-weekly home and office pick-up and delivery.

What can couples expect when they work with you?

They can expect excellent work and the utmost in personal service. Greg and Margaret are able to be contacted directly by the brides to work out any logistics that may be required. We try to give the brides as much pre-wedding advice as we can based on our years of experience. Margaret is available to talk with the brides to find out where she is dressing, how she is getting to the venue, etc., so we can advise how to transport it, how not to wrinkle it, discuss and make suggestions on any issues involved with destination weddings, etc.

What’s something about bridal gown cleaning and preservation that you wish more people knew?

Brides need to have a dry cleaners clean your gown, but not all dry cleaners should clean gowns. At Dublin Cleaners, wedding gown cleaning is a specialty. The owners of the company do the work with bridal gowns. Wedding gowns are a unique, one-of-a-kind, cherished item carefully and emotionally selected by the bride, and we take seriously the responsibility of doing the best job possible to get the gown ready for the wedding and then cleaning and preserving the gown after the wedding.  

Is it ever too late to clean my wedding gown after the big day?

No, it's never too late to clean your gown. However, we can't promise all of the stains will be able to removed until we work on a gown. If you have serious staining on the gown, it is always best to bring it in sooner rather than later. Greg also excels in restoring yellowed and never-cleaned wedding gowns from decades past.

What is the guarantee on my gown preservation?

At Dublin Cleaners, we give specific instructions on where you store your wedding gown preservation chest. If you follow those instructions, you should have no problem. If you do, however, have any yellowing or caramelization stains after it has been preserved, Dublin Cleaners would re-clean and preserve your gown at no cost to you. Because we are member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists—an international group of professional dry cleaners specializing in wedding gown services—if you move to another area, your guarantee will be upheld by the member closest to the area where you live on the same terms as Dublin Cleaners.