A Central Ohio builder collaborates with a local woodworking company to create a warm and modern space.

Jennifer Bartosek and Jason Fain purchased their dream home on East Fourth Avenue in Italian Village last June. Despite being in a part of the city that has a lot of vintage housing stock, the couple decided to buy a sparkling new place with a unique design.

Their home is part of a small development built by Myers Property Solutions. “We didn’t want to buy old and renovate,” says company owner Josh Myers. “We wanted to build new homes with rich character.”

Myers and his wife, Ashley, wanted the homes they were building to encourage community, so open floor plans were essential. They worked with local architect Julie Bullock to create custom floor plans for each of the three homes in the initial phase of the development. But instead of designing cookie-cutter homes, the goal was for each home to look as though it could have been built by a different company. Each has its own, unique characteristics.

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The color scheme of Bartosek and Fain’s home is white and black with touches of grays and subtle greens. “We wanted to focus on natural light and letting the attention to detail be what catches the eye,” says Myers.

The kitchen features handcrafted cabinets by H&S Custom Cabinets of Fredericktown. Myers says the company’s creativity adds unexpected touches to its work. For example, Myers was surprised by the detail work in the kitchen island’s base.

The goal was to keep the kitchen’s design simple and clean. Quartz was used for the countertops, sourced from Konkus Marble and Granite. Edgework Creative was brought in to build custom finishes for the kitchen, including detail in the white oak kitchen island. A piece of the same wood also frames the stove hood. White oak is also used on the mantle above a nearby fireplace. The oak seamlessly ties together the first floor living space.

“The island added warmth to the space and became a functional art piece,” says Myers. Fain and Bartosek say the island is central to entertainment activities—their guests love to congregate around it during parties.

Bryan Snyder Wood Floors installed white oak floors throughout the first floor, complementing the details from Edgework Creative in the kitchen and living room. Kitchen lights were purchased from Rejuvenation, while a focal point fixture above the dining table is from West Elm.

Black cabinet hardware is sourced from Emtek. These darker elements add a pop of color that also frames the kitchen window.

While their home is a new build in an old Columbus neighborhood, it feels more like an older home that has been restored, say the new owners. “When we moved in, it felt like every detail had been considered,” says Bartosek.

Reprinted from Columbus Monthly Home & Garden 2020