Celebrating the couples from our most recent issue on their anniversaries

Monday marks the first anniversaries of three couples featured in the current issue of Columbus Weddings. Since a proper honeymoon trip or celebration isn’t in the cards for these folks, we decided to dedicate a blog post just to them.

First up are Danielle and Alex Press, whose greenery-filled wedding took place at Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove on May 4. That ceremony recessional photo in the slideshow above? There’s a story behind it: The shower of flower petals they exited to was a total surprise, which Danielle says was one of the highlights of the day. Read more about their big day in their recent Real Wedding Wednesday feature.

Meanwhile, Breana and Alex Smith wed at the historic Ohio Village the same day. Their ceremony and reception was filled with DIY details, Breana says, and featured dinner by Fetty’s Street Food. “The food was amazing,” Breana notes. “I think a lot of family and friends have never had a food truck and were afraid it would be bad food. They were surprised that it was so good!” The Smiths were featured in our Real Columbus Wedding album series.

Finally, at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, Julia and Ben Gaskill tied the knot that day as well. A formal and romantic reception at High Line Car House followed, but both Julia and Ben say the highlight of the day was seeing each other for the first time as Julia’s brothers escorted her down the aisle. Also memorable, they note, was the lively dance floor and celebrating with family and friends at the reception. The Gaskills, too, were featuring in our Real Wedding Wednesday series.