Discover more than 50 ideas to make the best of this season of self-isolation, from a self-guided art tour, to grilling and gardening tips, to off-the-beaten-path hiking spots.

The good news: Summer is not canceled. But this season will be very different, especially early on. No festivals, no parades, no crowds of hippies in Goodale Park. But don’t despair—Columbus Monthly has compiled enough activities to fill a summer and then some: grilling and gardening tips, off-the-beaten path hiking spots, a self-guided art tour, great local books and much more. After all, this is lemonade season, so it’s time to squeeze these lemons.

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Below, you'll find links to a variety of suggested activities to meet your individual interests. Happy exploring.

Columbus DIY Summer Guide: Outdoor Adventure

Columbus DIY Summer Guide: Arts & Education

Columbus DIY Summer Guide: Fun at Home

Contributors: Erin Edwards, Randy Edwards, Chris Gaitten, Emma Frankart Henterly, Sherry Beck Paprocki, Peter Tonguette and Steve Wartenberg