The 15 most expensive transactions since April 2017.

Columbus isn’t San Francisco yet, but the most expensive residential deals are creeping up in the region. All of the 15 largest home transactions since April 2017 are more than $2 million. The last time Columbus Monthly did a major real estate feature package in June 2017, just eight of the top 15 crossed that threshold.

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1. $3,700,000, 7010 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany

Buyer/Seller: LJHB LLC from Langdale, Richard S. & Paige

Date: May 2019

2. $3,290,000, 212 Park Dr., Columbus

Buyer/Seller: Osprey Inc. from Jeffries, Susan H.

Date: June 2018

3. $3,000,000, 5555 Dublin Rd., Delaware

Buyer/Seller: Laura M. Williams, trustee, from 5555 Dublin LLC

Date: May 2017

4. $2,739,966, 6261 Wright Rd., Columbus

Buyer/Seller: Homewood Corp. from Skestos, George A. Jr., Irt One, trustee, & Bennett, Patricia J.

Date: July 2017

5. $2,700,000, 9 New Albany Farms Rd., New Albany

Buyer/Seller: K9 Morse LLC from Bates, Richard Allan

Date: March 2018

6. $2,695,978, 250 W. Spring St., Unit 1215, Columbus

Buyer/Seller: Webster, Stephen W. Jr & Jacobson, Jeffrey M., trustees, from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC

Date: December 2019

7. $2,500,000, 1797 Scioto Pointe Dr., Columbus

Buyer/Seller: Erika L. Haupt, trustee, from Walter E. Dennis et. Al

Date: April 2017

8. $2,500,000, 4310 Sunbury Rd., Galena

Buyer/Seller: Crowl, Jason T. & Klausing, Heidi L. from Cane Properties LLC

Date: May 2017

9. $2,400,000, 2538 Onandaga Dr., Upper Arlington

Buyer/Seller: CHBC LLC from Bermuda Breeze Ltd.

Date: July 2017

10. $2,375,000, 2239 Onandaga Dr., Upper Arlington

Buyer/Seller: Norelli, Jonathan Andrew & Lauren Hawley from Howell, Howard Scott & Kathleen C.

Date: September 2017

11. $2,245,000, 7305 Lambton Green S., New Albany

Buyer/Seller: Kass, David E. & Cari J. from Deaguiar, Rolando & Bertha

Date: December 2017

12. $2,222,500, 3020 Scioto Estates Ct., Hilliard

Buyer/Seller: Stotlar, Douglas W. & Julie A. from Liebert, Susan W.

Date: June 2018

13. $2,200,000, 6980 Corazon Dr., Dublin

Buyer/Seller: Everhart, Richard S. & Darbie L. from Cohen, Brian S. & Kerri N.

Date: September 2019

14. $2,200,000, 10 Hawksmoor Dr., New Albany

Buyer/Seller: Midland Agency for Northwest Ohio Inc., trustee, from Sharfin, Ira A.

Date: May 2018

15. $2,175,000, 1981 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Buyer/Seller: Clark, That There Is an RV LLC from Saunders, Alexee Allen, trustee

Date: March 2019


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