Go on a literary scavenger hunt in Clintonville.

When the pandemic forced all the traditional libraries to close, the residents of Clintonville still had plenty of options for free books, comics and magazines. The North Side neighborhood is lousy with little libraries, boasting more of the small wooden boxes filled with free reading materials than any other neighborhood or community in Central Ohio, according to the Little Free Library website. The book exchanges have been around for years, but they’ve experienced a resurgence across the country during the coronavirus crisis, according to a recent Associated Press story. Here’s where you can find some of them in Clintonville; this isn’t a comprehensive list, so have fun exploring the neighborhood to find more on your own.

Download the map here.

1. 641 E. Lincoln Ave.

2. 418 E. Weisheimer Road

3. 67 Indian Springs Drive

4. 46 Fallis Road

5. 310 Richards Road

6. 486 Richards Road

7. 90 Glencoe Road

8. 500 Brevoort Road

9. 216 Oakland Park Ave.

10. 510 E. North Broadway

11. 3199 Indianola Ave.

12. 598 E. Como Ave.

13. 3083 Woodbine Place

14. 141 Walhalla Road