Dublin Cleaners took first place in the Gowns, Cleaning/Preservation category.

The winner in the cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns category was founded in 1982 by husband and wife team Greg and Margaret Butler, who still clean and preserve every gown themselves.

“Greg has four decades of experience in gown cleaning and restoration,” says Margaret, noting Greg worked at his father’s dry cleaning business for 10 years before branching out on his own. “Even though we have a wonderful production staff who handles all of the other cleaning and laundry items done by Dublin Cleaners, wedding gowns are only cleaned by one person: Greg.”

With almost 950 gowns coming through the doors at their five locations last year alone, it’s no wonder Greg is teaching the proprietary cleaning method to his oldest son, Brian. Brian joined the business in 2003 and now serves as company president.

“This skill is information we keep in the family,” says Margaret, who performs the final inspection of each gown—making minor repairs and replacing buttons, beads and crystals, as needed—and then preserves the gown, sometimes with assistance from her sister, who has been on staff almost 30 years.

“The best reason to preserve [a] gown is so it will stay as nice as it was on [the] wedding day,” Margaret says.

Preservation by Dublin Cleaners, which belongs to the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, even carries a lifetime guarantee.

“Lately we’ve seen a trend where brides want a more vintage look and wear their grandmother’s gown as it was or have it refashioned,” Margaret says. “And we’ve always seen a lot of brides who want to incorporate their mothers’ veils into their own wedding ensemble. Preserving the gown and veil gives the next generation of brides the opportunity to wear all or a portion of the mother’s or grandmother’s wedding attire … and it preserves her memories of the day she got married.”

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