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A luxury, confidence-inspired photography experience is what customers will find during a 614 Boudoir Photography session.

“I’m incredibly passionate about empowering women of every age, shape, size and walk of life,” says photographer Kristin Gibson, who has been photographing boudoir since 2014.

At her elegant new studio at Creekside in Gahanna, Gibson offers full-service boudoir sessions that include hair, makeup and wardrobe styling, plus expert posing and a same-day image reveal.

“I love white lingerie, and we have several pieces in the client wardrobe,” she says. “Although a lot of women strongly disagree on wearing white in fear of looking pale or washed out, I think white looks great and can really accentuate your skin tone.”

Clients have several options on how to display their images, including albums, wall art and custom gift collections. Instead of traditional wedding gifts, like a watch, Gibson says her client-brides often give their soon-to-be spouses the boudoir images the night before or the day of the wedding. 

“Aside from being great gifts for your future spouse, it is also a gift for yourself,” she says. “You deserve to give yourself this gift of a confidence boost and see yourself in a way that maybe your partner has seen you all along. Not to mention, it's a great way to destress, relax and enjoy yourself in the midst of wedding planning.”

Gibson advises brides book a session six to eight weeks prior to their weddings to allow ample time for editing and delivery. “This is a great time to get your hair colored, a facial and waxing, and then still have time for a touch up just before the wedding,” she notes.

Gibson also offers payment plans, an option she says brides love because “they are making such a large investment in their weddings; it helps to ease the extra spending.”

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