Aisle & Co. took first place in the Planner category.

A wedding should be more than the sum of its parts. From selecting the dress to ordering the cake, each individual decision is significant, but it’s the overall experience—the sweep of the day—that should stand out. Fortunately, wedding planners are trained to keep an eye on the big picture.

The New Albany wedding planners at Aisle & Co. promise an individualized approach, tailoring the plethora of choices that go into organizing a wedding to the couple in question. “We believe that your wedding should be the best reflection of who you are as a couple,” says owner Natasha Churches, a Columbus native who, since the company’s formation in 2013, has led a team of lead planners and junior planner coordinators. Collectively, the group has drawn up its share of wedding blueprints, from a rustic, back-to-nature ceremony at Jorgensen Farms to a formal but decidedly unstuffy affair at the Ohio Statehouse.

Working with a limited number of couples to enable personalized attention from Churches’ team of planners, Aisle & Co. aims to accommodate varying budgets, ranging from cost-friendly month-of coordination to pricier full-service planning. Aisle & Co. prizes diversity among its couples, and not just when it comes to budget.

“We do not have an ideal client,” Churches says. “We want all clients from different traditions, cultures, budgets and aesthetics to be a part of the Aisle & Co. portfolio.” She adds: “This mindset, combined with our desire to truly celebrate love in a personal and curated way, is what sets us apart.”

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