Wendy's Bridal tied for first place in the Gowns, New category.

Lil Stalnaker has seen a lot in her 26 years as general manager of Wendy’s Bridal, but one thing has remained constant.

“Brides are still very much the same when it comes to wanting the experience of discovering their perfect dress,” she says.

That’s why Wendy’s Bridal, which tied for first in the new wedding gowns category, continues to focus on finding not just the right style, but also the best fit for each bride that walks through the door.

“Perfecting the fit of a bride’s dress is nearly priceless,” says Stalnaker. “The best dress in the world has lost meaning if it’s not tailored correctly. Our seamstresses are veterans and love what they do to finish the dream dress for each of our brides.”

That’s no small task when as many as 3,000 brides visit the store each year.

“We draw brides from all over Ohio, and many brides travel from the East and West coasts as well,” Stalnaker says. “We truly believe in serving our brides, and it’s an honor to help them figure out not only a great look, but the best one.”

Wendy’s was founded in Cincinnati in 1973, but its Columbus store on Sawmill Road is the larger of the two locations. Stalnaker considers Wendy’s dresses to be moderately priced, with a typical range of $1,200 to $2,200.

“It used to be only high-end shops would have well-made garments, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” she says. “We seek out award-winning design houses with fashion-forward looks and fit, without steep pricing.”

Offering a superior, one-of-a-kind customer service experience, however, remains Wendy’s hallmark.

“Even if they don’t find their dream dress with us, they will refer a friend because they had a genuine experience,” she says. “We are dream keepers at Wendy’s Bridal and never lose sight of this.”

Wendy’s Bridal
6339 Sawmill Road, Dublin