Company launches new guided tours of the city

The recently founded Columbus City Adventures may be a new addition to Columbus, but the tour company knows more about the city than you do.

Columbus City Adventures was co-founded by Jeff Lafever, former executive director of the Columbus Historical Society, along with Bethia Woolf and Andy Dehus, co-founders of Columbus Food Adventures, the city’s first guided food-tour company when it launched in 2010, and its younger brother Columbus Brew Adventures, a tour of the city’s microbreweries launched in 2013 with Jim Ellison. For Columbus foodies, the Columbus Food Adventures tours are still making their way around the city and Columbus City Adventures is merely an addition.

“We love telling stories around Columbus food, but we have also discovered that there are also other stories to tell,” says Woolf, who is also a freelance dining writer for Columbus Monthly.

For first-timers, Woolf recommends the Central City tour as a way to introduce yourself to the city, while the Past, Present & Future Tour will allow you to go deeper into the Columbus’ history. The city’s only full-service tour group offers an Architecture tour, a German Village Walking Tour as well as several private tours.

“Throughout our other businesses, we’ve noticed a distinct increase in tourism in Central Ohio,” Woolf wrote a press release announcing the new company’s launch. “We’ve been thrilled to be able to tell the stories of the city through food and drink, and look forward to being able to continue to do so with a far broader range of topics.”

Both tour companies have received mentions in the Chicago Tribune, National Public Radio (NPR) and National Geographic.

“We’re excited to tell more stories about Columbus,” Woolf says, “both with the visitors and those who have recently moved, to people who already have lived here.”

Tickets retail from $18 to $36 with student and senior discounts and are offered on a weekly, or monthly, basis depending on the tour.

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