100 Years Ago (1917)

Mayor Westover received a telegram from a firm desiring to locate to Alliance and employ 800 people, but needed a building with floor space of 75,000 feet an power to the extent of 1,000 horsepower. No such building was unoccupied, but he said he would continue to look into the matter.

Joseph Jacobs, the Pennsylvania Railroad brakeman who boarded in Alliance, died from a fractured skull suffered when his freighter crashed in Pennsylvania.

Sporting Editor of The Review Lester R. Ruth reported in a rare front-page bylined story that the Mount Union football team suffered a 69-0 loss in its fourth annual game against Michigan in Ann Arbor.

75 Years Ago (1942)

Alliance school children, using "Let’s Get the Last Pound" as a slogan, were attempting to build on the current scrap total of 587,405 pounds to perhaps triple the city’s quota during a nationwide scrap drive to help the war effort.

Fifty selectees, the first draft unit to leave Alliance, were honored with a party in which they received cigarettes from the Legion, a subscription to the newspaper from the Alliance Woman’s Club and YMCA membership cards.

50 Years Ago (1967)

Dr. Frank Matrijs was named medical director of the city Health Department. Meanwhile, deputy health commissioner William Farmer was promoted to succeed the late Dr. Delmar Gard.

Nancy Fogg, Christine Kibler, Play Cox, Cynthia Kibler and Deri Sue Roome were candidates fro Minerva homecoming queen.

25 Years Ago (1992)

The city’s oldest brick building, located at 405 Hester St. and known as the Hester House, was razed. The house, which was condemned in April when one of its walls started to cave in during an attempt at renovation, was one of the oldest in the area as some bricks had been fired in September 1839. A triangle-shaped parcel of land across from the house was to be de designated a memorial park where bricks and lentils from the house were to be used to construct a monument, according to Alliance Area Preservation Society President Jesse Harry.

Former Columbiana County Auditor Kent Bell was hired as Sebring’s village manager.