Tips from the restaurant industry on the best spots for delicious dishes

Summer has finally given up the ghost just in time for Halloween, and cooler temperatures mark the long-awaited arrival of plentiful comfort food. Columbus Monthly’s After Hours column in each issue provides insight from the city’s chefs, bartenders, servers and tastemakers on their preferred dining destinations, and we’ve compiled some of their favorite tastes for this heartier season:

TeeShanee Johnson

“I love Philco caramelized Brussels sprouts alongside their baked grits. The sprouts have goat cheese and toasted pecans. Anytime I go there, I have to order [it], even if it’s just for drinks. And the baked grits—loaded up with chorizo—are a dream. And the staff is lovely. They’re great.”

Moses Hayelom

“Family Affair, in Groveport. They’re down to earth and classy at the same time. They’ve got a good mac and cheese.”

Todd Mills

Cuco’s Taqueria. “Decent Mexican food is comfort food in my world. They have a ton of options (and nicely cooked beans), and if I’m in the mood, they have great margaritas.”

Antoinette Parks

Golden Corral. “Normally when I go, I’ll do anything with gravy. I’ll get the battered shrimp. And I’ll always go for the prime rib, the mashed potatoes and gravy, the green beans and the salad bar.”

Alex Burch

“The Angry Baker, for sure. Their peaches and cream pancakes are the most comforting thing I’ve ever had.”

Nick Bartley

“I like the North Market. There are so many delicious options under one roof. I could stay there for days trying so many types of food. I could pick a new favorite every day.”

Kuukua Yomekpe

Mark Pi’s on Fifth Avenue. “I always get the same thing—Mala String Beans with Chicken. It’s spicy, and it has rice. I grew up on a lot of rice. Anything that has rice and is spicy usually gets my attention.”

Bill Patterson

“For me, comfort food is pizza. We split 50/50 between Harvest in Clintonville (for the anchovies) and Yellow Brick in Olde Towne East (they have the better beer selection).”