With the Downtown building boom in full swing, the skyscraper is making a comeback in the heart of the city. Over the past year or so, government officials and developers have proposed the creation of three buildings 28 stories or taller. The last time such an imposing structure rose above the city was in 1990, when the 33-floor William Green Building opened at Spring and North High streets. Here are how the new batch of skyscrapers—North Market tower, the Millennial Tower and a pair of residential buildings in Franklinton, across from Downtown—compare with three of the city's most prominent man-made peaks.

Rhodes State Office Tower

Opened: 1973

Location: East Broad Street on Capitol Square

Floors: 41

Height: 629 feet

LeVeque Tower

Opened: 1927

Location: West Broad and North Front streets

Floors: 47

Height: 555 feet

Huntington Center

Opened: 1984

Location: South High Street on Capitol Square

Floors: 37

Height: 512 feet

North Market tower (Proposed)

Developer: Wood Companies and Schiff Capital Group

Location: Spruce and Park streets in the Arena District

Floors: 35

Height: 400 feet

Scioto Peninsula towers (Proposed)

Developer: The matching towers are part of a request for proposals issued in February by the Columbus Downtown Development Corp.

Location: East Franklinton

Floors: 30

Height: 360* feet

*estimate based on 12 feet per floor

Millennial Tower (Proposed)

Developer: Arshot Investment

Location: Front and Rich streets in RiverSouth

Floors: 28

Height: 330 feet