The candidate to become Ohio's next governor shares his wide-ranging musings.

Rich Cordray took a headlong dive into Twitter on the day he threw his name into the Ohio gubernatorial race, and his tweets were noticeably different than those of most candidates. He waxed poetic about state geography. He reminisced. He discussed bodies of water—a lot. He's stayed more on message lately, but thanks to Twitter's infallible memory, everyone can still enjoy his whimsy. —Chris Gaitten

Ohio has a unique and pleasing shape, I have always thought. Kind of a pentagon or home plate, with straight sides, a meandering river boundary below, and a partly straight top with a friendly bite mark out of it on the northeast side from Lake Erie.

— Rich Cordray (@RichCordray) January 9, 2018

Moved over to I-75 to head north. We track the Great Miami River now, which flooded Dayton massively in 1913. In eastern Ohio that same spring, the Muskingum River flooded and my grandma went out the second-floor window in a rowboat!

— Rich Cordray (@RichCordray) December 6, 2017

My children think I may have been overdoing the water theme. Enough of the watersheds, Dad! I just have always found it interesting, how a drop becomes a trickle and a flow, and then it GOES somewhere, with a direction and a purpose. Like people and their lives.

— Rich Cordray (@RichCordray) December 8, 2017

We used to visit our Grandma in Dresden. She lived right next to the railroad tracks and we put pennies on the rails. After the train went by, they were flattened to a thin metal strip and very hot. I don’t know if it was dangerous - we were just kids, passing the time.

— Rich Cordray (@RichCordray) December 23, 2017

My athletic career peaked in middle school. In 7th grade, I won a mile match race against another strong runner, and we were flag football champions. In 8th grade, we won some kind of state basketball tourney. I played point guard, though I never could dribble very well.

— Rich Cordray (@RichCordray) December 27, 2017

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