The wife of the founder of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants loves to cook, but says it's the company that makes the meal.

Molly Mitchell married restaurant entrepreneur Cameron Mitchell before his became a household name in Central Ohio. Since then, life has changed—they have three children, some of Cameron’s original restaurants have been sold and the couple has become more active in the city’s philanthropic scene as he continues opening restaurants throughout the country.

What is your favorite fall style for Central Ohio?

I love how we still get to enjoy some warm days in the fall because I am never really ready for bundling up. I like to be comfortable and when I get that right, it can usually take me just about anywhere around town. A go-to for me are jeans, some type of silk top, a moto jacket and hopefully it’s warm enough for open-toe booties.

You participate in a lot of various philanthropic activities around town. What's the favorite outfit that you've ever worn to one? 

I probably most enjoyed a dress I had made for an inaugural event Cameron and I hosted for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. That was really fun and it was a lovely dress, but I think it was more just feeling so good inside to do something meaningful for a place very dear to our hearts.

You've been a busy mother of three and Cameron has been building a restaurant empire. What's for dinner on weeknights at your house?

Like everyone else with a busy family, we really have to make family dinners a priority. But it’s just such a good chance to catch up, hear our kids’ take on things, tell each other about our thoughts on what’s going on in our lives and in the world. I do really love to cook and feed my family and friends and try to incorporate that into my week as much as possible. But whether dinner happens at the table, the kitchen island or in a restaurant booth, it doesn’t really matter to me. Also, I’m not above a jar of vodka sauce and some frozen meatballs when life just gets too crazy.

Your oldest child once talked about entering the fashion business. Do you mind sharing if he has pursued that career? He is having the best time in New York City and he will be a junior in college there this fall. We told him he couldn’t work his freshman year. We just thought he needed to get acclimated to the city and his studies. Well, within two weeks he had talked his way into several shows at fashion week and secured a position at Bergdorf Goodman.

It all worked out and has helped add luxury hospitality and marketing to his luxury fashion interests. He is taking full advantage of all that city has to offer in those fields and it’s been really fun to watch.

What have you learned from him in the last couple of years?

I think he has been a great reminder to me to just get out there and do it. Be brave! It’s a great time for women to be reminded of that as much as possible and even better when it comes from your own kid.

Heels or flats when you're visiting a new restaurant?

Heels. Always. Love.

Ocean Prime: Do you prefer Naples or Manhattan? 

Both are great spots and I love beaches and palm trees but for me nothing compares to a trip to the greatest city in the world.

How would you define your personal style?

Well, I have to say that I have fallen prey to running around in my workout clothes more often than I’d like to admit (even when there’s been no workout involved)! But when I finally get myself organized, my style tends to be feminine with a little sophisticated edginess to it. I like to add a few pieces that keep things from looking too sweet. I love all types of jewelry but don’t like to be totally overwhelmed by accessories. I love dresses in the summer and some great jeans anytime.

Let's be honest. Do you brainstorm about new restaurant concepts over coffee with your husband? 

We should really change that to over wine. I have tried to get Cameron to drink coffee for 24 years to no avail. We do talk about restaurants all the time. I am so lucky to have my partner doing his dream job in a business that I have always loved myself.

Can we get your recommendation here? What do you suggest as the perfect outfit for Harvey & Ed's, the new [Cameron Mitchell] deli in the Short North, on Gallery Hop night?

That’s what I love about the Short North. You see it all! It’s such a welcoming spot in our city and I think Harvey and Ed’s is right at home there. We love to head down for Gallery Hop and you will probably find me in my uniform—jeans, a silk tank and wedges or heels.

Being Cameron Mitchell's wife must be interesting. What is the question that you'd like never to be asked again?

It is interesting and exciting and fun. And I do get asked all kinds of funny stuff. But the one I get the most is, “OMG you’re married to Cameron Mitchell? Does he cook for you like all the time?”

Ha. NO. As in never. But he appreciates the disaster I can make of a kitchen and he makes a really cute dishwasher.


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