What we learned while making the August issue, from bone cement to Ohio's motorcycle gangs

One of the best things about being a magazine editor is learning tons of interesting facts as we put together each issue. We also have a unique role as generalists—we get to learn about a wide and ever-changing array of topics. One month we may be writing about crime, the next about crème brûlée. Here are some of the most interesting things we learned while researching our August issue, with links to the full stories.

1 The annual butter cow exhibit at the state fair requires about a ton of butter, shipped in 55-pound blocks from a Texas creamery.

2 The Ohio Wildlife Center’s Wildlife Hospital, which provides care for everything from coyotes to cottontail rabbits, assessed and treated 4,525 animals in 2016.

3 The Ohio Department of Natural Resources found more smallmouth bass per river mile between Griggs Dam and Confluence Park than in any other stretch of the Scioto.

4 Loper and Randi, the married stars of the morning show on The Blitz, were originally paired together by a radio talent scout from CBS.

5 The 1969 state champion basketball players from East High School celebrated their title onstage with James Brown at the old Vets Memorial.

6 As it’s being mixed, bone cement—an acrylic-based compound used in orthopedic surgeries—undergoes an exothermic reaction and produces an odor like that of a nail salon.

7 The Coney dog was named after the famous New York seaside town, but its actual birthplace was at the American Coney Island restaurant—in Detroit.

8 The state attorney general’s office reported in 1986 there were about 30 motorcycle gangs active in Ohio in narcotics and weapon sales, as well as in vending companies and carnivals.


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