Barnesville residents voted in favor of the fire replacement levy last Tuesday. A total of 753 votes were cast in favor for the levy and 470 votes were against the levy.

Meanwhile, Bethesda residents approved the fire renewal levy with 283 votes for the levy and 123 against the levy.

The Flushing Village EMS additional levy passed by voters with 208 votes and 128 votes were against the levy.

For county commissioner, residents selected Republican Jerry Echemann with 15,355 votes and his opponent Democrat Mark A. Thomas received 9,014 votes.

Residents in Belmont County turned down State Issue 1 with 19,364 votes against the issue and 4,778 votes for the issue.

Voters, meanwhile, selected Republicans Mike DeWine and Jon Husted as the next Governor and Lieutenant Governor with 15,385 votes. Democrats Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton received only 8,517 votes from the county.

In all, some 25,534 votes were cast in the mid-term election last week from voters in Belmont County.