What we learned while making the December issue, from the new Vets Memorial to the symbolic meaning behind latkes

One of the best things about being a magazine editor is discovering tons of interesting facts as we put together each issue. We also have a unique role as generalists—we get to learn about a wide and ever-changing array of topics. One month we may write about crime, the next about crème brûlée. Here are some of the most interesting things we learned while researching our December issue, with links to the full stories.

1 The old Vets Memorial was more than double the size in square feet of the new National Veterans Memorial and Museum.

2 Ohio Air National Guard units stationed at Rickenbacker have an agreement with five U.S. Air Force wings to provide shelter from hurricanes.

3 Dispatch reporter and columnist Ted Decker covered the 1991 storm that sank the Andrea Gail off the coast of Massachusetts. The shipwreck later inspired “The Perfect Storm” book and movie.

4 There are 2,688 Waterford crystals covering the Times Square ball that drops on New Year’s Eve each year.

5 In 1942, the Palace Theatre hosted Columbus’ first world premiere of a major studio movie, “The Male Animal,” which was written by James Thurber.

6 Latkes have become a staple of Jewish cuisine not for the ingredients but for the cooking techniques, which symbolize the miracle of the menorah oil.


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