What we learned while making the January issue, from the Westerville woman who cracked Japanese codes to the Dublin city manager's salary

One of the best things about being a magazine editor is learning tons of interesting facts as we put together each issue. We also have a unique role as generalists—we get to learn about a wide and ever-changing array of topics. One month we may be writing about crime, the next about crème brûlée. Here are some of the most interesting things we learned while researching our January issue, with links to the full stories.

1 U.S. inmates make up about one-fifth of the worldwide prison population.

2 A woman who helped crack vital Japanese maritime codes in the 1920s through the 1940s grew up in Westerville.

3 Thanks to an exception to NCAA rules for compensating student-athletes, wrestler Kyle Snyder made over $350,000 while competing for OSU.

4 Black holes aren’t entirely black; they actually emit a tiny amount of light.

5 A protein in Gila monster saliva can be used to treat diabetes.

6 The city manager of Dublin makes $77,421 more than the governor of Ohio.

7 The 2019 fiscal year budget of Columbus City Schools is larger than the general funds of the city of Columbus and the Franklin County combined.

8 Among the jobs Alana Shock held after closing her namesake restaurant: wine merchant, cooking instructor at an ecolodge in Belize, TGI Friday’s bartender.

9 Metal whistles, only made domestically by a company on Huntley Road, can emit sounds 50 decibels louder than a vacuum cleaner.


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