The publication is a year-round resource for the arts, dining, sports, education options and more in Central Ohio.

When you work for a city magazine, you learn a lot about the region you’re covering. Even so, we find ourselves discovering new tidbits about our fair city on a regular basis. In addition to these lesser-known discoveries, the city is constantly evolving and growing. There’s always something new, surprising and exciting to explore, from indie movie theaters to Franklinton art galleries to rooftop bars that let you take in the whole city at once. 

That’s what makes the unique challenge of creating a City Guide that serves both residents and visitors so fun. Whether this is your first visit to the Arch City or you’ve lived here your whole life, there’s something new to discover in this year’s edition of Columbus Monthly City Guide, a special annual publication. We hope it becomes a valued resource throughout your time here, or until next year’s edition comes out. We know it will be for us.

Happy exploring!

Emma Frankart Henterly is the editor of Columbus Monthly City Guide.

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