The owners of the Clintonville floral and baking studio are making changes to their business model in order to remain viable during the coronavirus pandemic.

Clintonville’s Flowers & Bread is closing its popular cafe—but expanding workshops in floral arranging and bread baking under a new name: the Flowers & Bread Society.

The cafe is small and the coffee bar, where employees worked, was only 200 square feet, says Sarah Lagrotteria, who together with Tricia Wheeler owns the business. The small space is a big challenge in the age of Covid-19. “We don’t have the ability within that space to keep people far enough apart to be safe,” Lagrotteria says.

She and Wheeler plan to revamp the interior, making the floral and baking studios airier, roomier spaces where people can take workshops together while being physically distant. “We’re still working through the details,” Wheeler says. They know the old practice of sharing tools such as floral shears, mixing spoons and ingredients will be replaced by each station having its own items.

Both Lagrotteria and Wheeler, who also owns the Seasoned Farmhouse cooking school just a few blocks south of Flowers & Bread on North High Street, believe these changes will help keep the business strong in the age of Covid-19.

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