100 YEARS AGO (1920)

— Dr. Katherine E. Richardson, an 1882 graduate of Mount Union who was head of Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, was visiting her alma mater and was to speak during a reception. Dr. Richardson and her sister, overcoming several obstacles, built the hospital that she headed and were caring for 7,000 crippled boys and girls annually at the institution. Richardson was perhaps the most outstanding woman physician/surgeon in America, it was noted.

— A mysterious explosion at the gasoline filling station of C.H. Artman, just off Main Street at Mechanic Avenue, broke several nearby windows and injured Harold Artman, 21, son of the owner. Fire spread quickly over the entire building, which was stocked with oil and supplies. A gasoline tank with 700 gallons of gasoline stood in the alley to the south of the building and not more than 20 feet from where the explosion took place but was not ignited as fireman from the central station responded within minutes and quickly had the blaze under control. Hariold Artman was testing the supply in one of the large supply tanks, which was nearly full as it had just been filled, when the blast occurred. The Young Artman, who was confined to the hospital with searing injuries to his face and arms but had escaped serious burns, said he did not know what had caused the explosion. Artman was thrown into the street by the blast, which resembled a clap of thunder. It was the second serious explosion at the site, the first occurring more than a year before when gas ignited.

— Police raided a house in the 800 block of Front Street and arrested Thelma Buckley and Gretchen Himes for conducting a house of prostitution. A man named Clayton Harrison was also arrested in the raid.

75 YEARS AGO (1945)

— As the area readied for Flag Day, it was noted that Alliance’s Rufus Allen Frazier Jr., seaman first class, was aboard LST 779 from which the American flag was borrowed to be raised on Mount Sirabachi at Iwo Jima, the image of which was captured in the famous photograph by Joe Rosenthal. Frazier was reported to have witnessed the raising of the flag. Frazier, the only Alliance man aboard LST 779, had resided with his sister, Mrs. Marvin Holloway, in the first block of West Ely Street and was employed at Alliance Structural.

— Several Alliance area soldiers had received honorable discharges through the rotation furlough plan, including Battery C member Tech. Sgt. Lester Boren. Others included Tech. Sgt. Robert F. Linhart, Pfc. Carl Muranzi and Pfc. Rudolph V. Quartro.

— Alliance resident Paul Grate was elected commander of the Ohio Department of the Sons of Union Veterans. He was the great nephew of John Grate, who was elected commander of the Ohio Grand Army of the Republic earlier in the week.

— Mrs. Mary Boughton Shute, of Johnstown, New York, was to become the new secretary of the Alliance YWCA.

50 YEARS AGO (1970)

— Mary Ellen Gilpatric, Ph.D., an associated professor of English, was named Mount Union’s Great Teacher for 1970.

— Two Mount Union faculty members were set to see their children earn degrees, including President Ronald G. Weber and Prof. Chester Bartram, chairman of the education department. Coincidentally, both of their daughters were named Judith Lynn, both were elementary education majors and both served as chaplain in her respective sorority — Miss Weber in Alpha Xi Delta and Miss Bertram in Alpha Chi Omega.

— William Bode, a Canfield native who had served in Alliance for two years as an assistant with the Salvation Army, was being commissioned as an officer with the Salvation Army in New York City.