I was so dismayed, revolted, and angered by President Trump’s using troops to clear away peaceful demonstrators so he could walk across the street for a photo-opp.

I was so pleased and inspired by the Bishop’s remarks in response. She made me proud to be a member of the clergy.

Not of the first time Mr. Trump’s actions again peaceful demonstrators reminded me of what Mr. Putin and the other dictators (whom he admires so much) do to their demonstrators. He does not want anyone to criticize him or disagree with his actions or opinions. Just think of how many members of his administration — even those he appointed — have been dismissed for doing just that. He can not stand for any disagreement and would use the military to put down any decent, which, by the way, is our right as Americans.

I really believe Trump would like to be the first American dictator. We cannot allow that to happen.

Rev. Rod Thompson, Ravenna