"I was giving 'Thrones'-styled hot takes when I was 12, and there was no TV show assist. You either had storytelling skills or you didn't, son."

I find myself a man pulled between worlds. On one hand, I bask in a world in which, thanks to HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” the Dungeons & Dragons aesthetic has become so mainstream that any and everybody has an opinion on That D&D Life. At the same time, I despise the knee-jerk hot take-ness of it all, fueled by the gaping maw of unrelenting social media.

I played D&D for much of my youth, managing to convince my God-fearing mother to underwrite my dungeon-trawling habit for many years. I’ve waited half my life for those late-night gaming marathons to come full circle and become cool. Now we live in an age when I can walk into a barbershop and engage the barber, a weed man and a DVD bootlegger about a show that’s basically D&D without the dice and Cheetos breath. But — and I say this as someone who binged his actual imagination to pad out a weekend-long marathon session of adventure crawling — all of the hot takes are exhausting, not because there are so many, but because they are so ill-informed.

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