Where do you fit in this virtual city of Angry Birds and Guitar Heroes?

The goal of Rampage is simple: Visit as much destruction upon a city as possible controlling one of three massive beasts. Choose from George (a King Kong-like gorilla), Lizzie(a Godzilla riff) or Ralph (randomly, a 30-foot-tall werewolf). If you replaced the three gargantuans of Rampage with City Hall, developers and nepotism, you’d basically be reliving the average childhood summer circa 1986.

Pokemon GO
I can think of no better analogy for Columbus during a Saturday afternoon of OSU football than a shambling zombie herd of people staring into screens, moaning mono-syllabic greetings at one another, hungering for imaginary carrots of engagement. Go Pokemon... er, Bucks!

Mario Kart 64
A classic racing game that takes you nowhere fast, MK64 features a track filled with things that shouldn’t exist behind the wheels of vehicles blocking you at every turn. Switch out Yoshi and Bowser with orange barrels and year-round potholes and you’re practically Mario incarnate.

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