How the past year in Columbus has been a little like living in a sci-fi marathon

As I reflect on the past year of life in Columbus, I am reminded of a now-dead ritual.

My favorite year-end observance used to be sitting through the SyFy channel’s New Year’s Eve marathon of “The Twilight Zone,” commenting online with thousands of other people as one morally challenging weirdness followed another. An unspoken covenant of the ritual was that, as we all pressed forward into a new year, we were afforded the opportunity to collectively reflect on where we had come from and how it might inform where we were headed, with the ethical punchlines of “The Twilight Zone” lighting the way.

Streaming has ruined this tradition, since anyone can just create a “Zone” marathon anytime they want by letting Netflix DJ its way through season after season of the show until their TV asks if they’ve fallen asleep.

In the spirit of that convention — and the opportunity for deliberation that came with it — I offer some Columbus-centric takes on several classic "Twilight Zone" episodes.

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