Mayor Ginther's senior policy adviser makes a case on Facebook against... democracy

Social media is rarely a politician’s friend, which is why they usually leave the dirty work of maintaining such platforms to anonymous staffers. So long as the message is consistent and on brand, most politicians are oblivious to what’s being done in their name on the internet.

Apparently, no one sent that manual to the offices of Columbus lawmakers.

In a recent fit of Keeping It Real Gone Wrong, Mayor Ginther’s senior policy adviser, Bryan Clark, came off of the top of the ropes, posting a pointed public Facebook rant in response to a Columbus Underground feature about the current efforts by grassroots political organization #RepYourBlock2020 to install loads of new representatives to the Central Committee of the Franklin County Democratic Party.

The group’s candidates have largely been recruited at the neighborhood level, with the hope of creating a fresh pipeline to service the vested interests of citizens where they live, while reclaiming despondent voters. Considering Columbus’ political penchant for insulation and City Council seat shuffling, it’s no wonder that someone from the mayor’s office might take issue with any effort to dismantle such control.

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