I would like to express my thoughts on what is happening in our country today.

My heart goes out to the George Floyd family for their loss. I believe Floyd was tortured and murdered by a heartless police officer. I believe he should be charged with first-degree murder and also the other three officers who did nothing to help him. They are just as guilty. I hope they all will be prosecuted and justice will be served. 

I believe in peaceful protesting. I participated in a Right to Life march in Pittsburgh in the 1970s. We had no violence. We had prayer. Many denominations and ethnic groups participated. There were thousands. Isn’t it ironic the medical experts are so concerned about the loss of life with COVID-19, but what about all the innocent babies that were and are being killed every day? All lives matter. 

Because some Democratic mayors and governors didn’t do a good job of controlling the violence, President Trump had to call in the National Guard. I’m glad he did. 

People are afraid to leave their homes, they do not feel safe. I can remember many years ago when Billy Graham said: "There will come a day when prisoners will be released from jail and people will be locked up in their homes." I didn’t think it could happen, but here we are. 

I find it disturbing the left in the media are more outraged at President Trump holding up the Bible at St. John’s Episcopal Church than a fire at the church. Unbelievable! They hate Trump more than they love this country. How sad. It’s all politics, they don’t want him to win in November. 

The anarchy and lawlessness that’s going on in our streets is all a matter of the heart. People have to repent. We don’t hear this word too often anymore. Jesus said to repent.

When our hearts are changed, then and only then, will we have perfect love and peace toward all people. In these troubled and uncertain times, there is hope. Read Pslams 91.

Rosemarie Murray