The Columbus Alive columnist on the death of Casey Goodson

Consider all of the things you could be reading right now instead of this column about Casey Goodson, the Black man killed by a sheriff’s deputy as he entered his home, carrying his dinner, shot from behind in front of his grandmother and two toddlers, his family said.

We could be talking about aliens. That’s a thing that’s actually happening in the news right now. A former Israeli science official is literally in the literal media saying that there are literal aliens as part of a literal galactic federation literally in touch with government officials. I’d love to drag that guy for a few paragraphs. Problem is, when you mention an alien invasion to me right now, I can’t help but compare it to the way law enforcement trolls Black neighborhoods, as if they are on some seek and destroy mission in another world, and we must hide to avoid abduction.

No one is forcing me to write about Casey Goodson. I just can’t help it. I can’t write about the things that are not senselessly murdered Black people today. Half of my city is haunted by this killing. The list of Things Black People Can’t Do And Not Be Shot By The Police remains an ever-unfurling scroll of mundanities. Just when we think we have all of the angles covered, a new entry comes out of left field, more ludicrous in its tedium than the last. Each entry brings with it old rage and even older fear.

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