An anxious fan base, a day of reckoning—and 200-plus gallons of beer

Early on Oct. 12, the Crew SC rumor mill began churning—an announcement about the team’s future was imminent. Organizers of the Save the Crew movement tipped off Endeavor Brewing Co.’s owner, Scott Talmage, and suggested he open early. Talmage obliged. It was his 40th birthday.

Fans packed the Grandview-area taproom by lunchtime, uncertain of the announcement’s nature or timing. So they waited. And drank. Then, in late afternoon, the good news arrived—a deal was in the works to keep the Crew in Columbus. Talmage shared details on what he and a few hundred friends quaffed during a tense and joyous day. 

68.2% – Core beers
Endeavor served about 1,700 pints on Saved the Crew day. The most popular was its flagship, Latin Lager (24.6%). 

20.8% – Seasonal beers
Of the brewery’s three seasonal and four high-gravity drafts, the Belgian Wit was the favorite (5.9%). 

7.9% – Liquor
Whiskey accounted for a third of the hard stuff but only a small portion of total consumption (2.6%). 

2.7% – Guest beers
It was too sweet a celebration for fans to opt for the sour beer from Little Fish Brewing in Athens (0.7%). 

1.1% – Champagne and wine
Nothing was more fitting than the magnum of Dom Perignon popped on the patio, though it was as much a bubbly shower as a drink.