Meet Six Columbus Partnership Members and Their Passion Projects

Katy Smith
From left to right: Lou Von Thaer, CEO of Battelle; Pete Watson, CEO of Greif Inc; Melanie Corn, president of Columbus College of Art & Design; Manuel Guzman, president of CAS; Cameron Mitchell, CEO of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants; and Sandy Doyle-Ahern, CEO of EMH&T

The Columbus Partnership started with a handful of CEOs—12—who gathered on a regular basis to talk about how they could work together to make the region better, more prosperous, more attractive. Since that time, its membership has expanded greatly, to 76 members as of this writing, and that’s made it stronger, says Alex Fischer, the group’s CEO. “We are so much more impactful to have the diversity of opinions around the table we have today than we had back then,” he says.

Like the region, the Partnership is in constant transition, evolving with every meeting, adjusting to address the issues of the day as they come into being. The group has a purposeful way of going about its economic development work, to be sure.

“We always come back to the work of the Partnership, focusing where we believe CEOs can have the biggest impact, and that is driving economic growth, economic prosperity,” Fischer says. “Ours is the table where economic development focus occurs. When you convene for that, then you convene a lot of individuals who have a lot of individual interest in this issue.”

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