Brewpub coming to Shawnee Hills

Patrick Cooley
The Columbus Dispatch
A rendering of the upcoming Bridge's End Brewing Co. in Shawnee Hills.

Shawnee Hills is getting a brewpub.

Construction will soon begin on Bridge's End Brewing Co., which secured a spot just north of Dublin near the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Owner Bill Schirmer unveiled a first look at the upcoming brewery, which will focus on beer he considers light and refreshing, like pilsners and lagers.

"I think there is a movement toward that in the market," he said.

During the craft beer boom of the 2010s, brewers focused on IPAs, darker beers and fruity beers, Schirmer said. 

"They were trying to make it the opposite of Budweisers," he said.

Schirmer wants to serve lighter beers with less alcohol so customers can enjoy more than one in a sitting.

A two-story building with triangular ceilings and white paneled walls resembling a large country home will house the brewpub, according to renderings provided by Design Collective, the architecture firm that designed the structure.

Customers will pass through an arch bearing the brewpub's name at the front entrance into a grass lawn and patio with tables, a brick fire pit, and a space for outdoor games like cornhole.

Renderings of the interior evoke an upscale hotel lobby complete with couches and lounge chairs, a fireplace and exposed wooden scaffolding.

The brewpub will feature a second-floor patio.

"If we're going to do it near Dublin, I want to build (a brewpub) that is tailored to the market," he said. "I want to make it family friendly, open and inviting."

Schirmer is a surgeon who has worked in Greater Columbus since the early 1990s.

"I've been an avid home brewer for all of those years," he said. "I have six beers on tap in my house."

Earlier this year, he found a head brewer and a chef and secured a space in Shawnee Hills so he could turn that hobby into a livelihood.

The northwest corner of Franklin County that Dublin calls home has few breweries or taprooms, and Schirmer hopes to give the people who live there a brewpub of their own.

"Having lived in this community forever, I think there is a market for this," he said.

Schirmer hopes to have Bridge's End open by the end of 2022. The construction schedule is eight to 10 months, but he acknowledges supply chain issues might cause delays.