Fit for a king

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Carrie DeGraff turned a job that was meant to support her career into her career.

She started at Kingy's Pizza Pub more than 13 years ago, a nursing student looking to pay her way through school. And though she's still looking for her perfect vocation, Kingy's is an enjoyable one in the meantime.

The "family" feeling she gets from her co-workers and regulars is the best part, she said. The pizza-pub is a destination around and beyond Canal Winchester.

"You really get to know a lot about people's lives, and they share things they wouldn't tell anybody else," DeGraff said. "It's like an extended family unit."

What draws people here?

It's really known for the good food and the atmosphere. It's kind of a mix between a sports pub and a restaurant. But a family can bring their kids in there and feel comfortable.

We've got live entertainment Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Chris Lofton plays every Tuesday, and there's another band ... they play a little bit of older rock 'n' roll. So it's a good mix.

So what's the crowd like?

The regular crowd is all ages. Regular guys come in around 5 o'clock. And then you get your wave of younger people in the evenings. You've got everything from eeny-weeny tiny babies to older people.

How's the food?

We're known for our pizza, our wings and our ribs. We use fresh toppings and we put a lot of them on there - if somebody wants pepperoni, they get a lot of pepperoni. And it's good sauce, it's not too spicy.

What's the main drink request?

Long Islands and margaritas. We do make strong drinks, and I think that's one of the things that pulls people in. A lot of people know they're going to get what they paid for.

What's the most challenging drink you've been asked to make?

The harder ones for me are ones that older clients order, mostly because we don't make them that often. Rusty Nails and Old Fashioneds - I remember the first time I got that one. But in 13 years, I might have been asked 10 times for an Old Fashioned.

What else do you like to do?

I like to go out hiking, ride my bike, I do some journaling or photography. I love going to arts festivals.

What about food and drinks?

I'm kind of a steak person, so some of the steakhouses around here. Genji's Steak House in Reynoldsburg is number one.